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A Message from Susana

Due to COVID19 ALL Individual/Group Readings, Healings & Classes, will be provided remotely via Zoom, Facebook Messenger/Room, Google Meet, Video Call and by phone. These services are free to download and the quality of sessions are the same as in person.
Please Stay Safe & Healthy!


Reiki is very fundamental for your mind, body and soul. It is a very holistic and gentle type of healing. Reiki will also help you implement balance and stability into your life. Reiki will also help you with any blockages, broken hearts, heart blockages, depression, past issues, illness, addiction and any physical and mental traumas, soul disconnect, past life regressions and much more….

As a Reiki Practitioner/Master, I always connect with God, my Guides, Angels and Ascended Masters as well as your guides so they can assist with my healing sessions. I also offer Reiki to children of all ages and small and large animals.

Restore balance on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels with Reiki Healings. Susana is able to help those who have been afflicted by illnesses, diseases, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, addictions, physical and mental traumas, soul disconnect, past regressions, and love problems.


Chakra literally means wheel or circle in Sanskrit because, when they are active, they are seen as round revolving balls of light, rotating clockwise. absorb it and radiate it out into the aura. They also filter it down to the chakras below them. They act as valves. If you imagine each one as a waterlily or daisy, the petals open when the sun shines down onto them and then close when the light dims.

reiki healing services


Reiki Healing & Shamanic  30-40 min  /  $120  

Long Distance REIKI & SHAMANIC healing

Reiki & Shamanic Healing 15 min $45

More than one session may be needed depending on your  situation.

Pricing depends on length and situation of your session.

Reiki Healing sessions on Children / Youth & Animals time and price vary. 


A Trance / Meditation will be done,  as I enter into an altered state of consciousness so I can connect with  ( Natives / Elders )  so they can assist me with examining your  pathways and mind-body and soul.

My healing sessions are deep healings from Past Lifes-Karmic Energy and DNA as it will help you heal you in all levels. 

Four Directions Healing-  includes consult, healing and clearing of all pathways

PLEASE NOTE: Pricing varies on severity of situation. 

Reiki Intuitive Certifications


What You Will Learn In Reiki Levels I & II:
History Of Reiki & Dr. Usui
Principle Of Reiki
Third Eye Activation
Channeling Energy
Chakra System
The 12 Chakra & Archangels
Mahatma Energy
Balancing Karma
How To Ground & Balance Your Energy
Intuitive Development
Scanning & Pendulum Work
Self Healing Hand Positions & Techniques
In Class Energy Healing
How To Prepare & Conduct A Healing Session
Long Distance Reiki
Removal Of Blockages
Healing Work
Receiving Attunements For Levels I & II
Clearing Energy & Space
Animal Healing
Crystal Healing & Charging Of Energy


Reiki Level I & II Guidelines

Once payment is received a manual will be emailed to you. A VIDEO CALL interview will be required in order for registration and determination of class scheduling and length of time. I have designed my classes in this manner to best serve you with your needs and time. Duration of classes will vary in how many sessions class will be, number of students and my availability. During each class you will be given breaks in between, please have with you a bottle of water, notebook and pen at all times of classes. In order to receive certifications you will be asked to do 2-3 practices on clients, each session time will be determined by the teacher. This will be done through video call with me, you and client.

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