susana armentia


susana armentia

Certified Spirit / Archangel & Animal Communicator

Certified Psychic Medium

Certified Intuitive Consultant

Certified Reiki Master / Certified Energy Healer & Educator

Certified Archangel Life Coach & Mentor

Certified Angel Oracle Card Reader

Certified Intuitive Writer


North Shore Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

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Messages from Susana

   All Individual/Readings-Healings & Classes, will be provided in-person and remotely via Zoom, Facebook Messenger-Facetime-WhatsApp or by phone. These services are free to download and the quality of sessions are the same as in person. Please Stay Safe & Healthy! 

I would really appreciate anyone who has received any of my services , to leave a positive review on this page and google. Many of my clients are by referral and google reviews, if you could take a few seconds to leave one,  I would kindly appreciate it!!! 

Blessings of Light & Love, Susana

about susana armentia

Hello my name is Susana and I will like to Welcome You to my website. I am a Certified Intuitive Consultant, Certified Psychic Medium, Certified Energy Healer, Certified Reiki Master Teacher. I have studied under many local and world-renowned intuitive teachers.  

At a very young age I was able to see and hear Spirit. In my teens I was told I had several Intuitive abilities in which I was not ready to embrace. In 2008 my daughter HOPE passed away and her Spirit visited me and told me she would help me with developing my abilities. As a Medium I take my work very seriously. In 2018 I decided to register my business ANGEL OF HOPE under NY STATE, making it a LLC entity.

I am a very passionate heart-felt individual who strives to provide Healing and Hope to others through my work. I love to educate all regarding THE SPIRIT WORLD.

Everything that I have learned has been through God, Spirit, Guides and world-renowned and local Intuitive teachers.

Many people DON’T BELIEVE or are SKEPTICS and say it’s against God’s will for anyone to communicate with Spirits, well that it’s not true, God is not against you speaking with Spirit or your loved ones, as long as you do it in a positive loving manner. Remember God has given everyone the FREE WILL to do or say what they want BUT be careful in what you say or what you do…

Is communicating with your loved ones against God or evil?

Several years ago I was doing a presentation of Mediumship (group readings), and after my event someone approached me who stated they were Catholic like myself and said, you are doing against God and your religion and that is evil work. I remember feeling my heart dropping and finding myself gasping for air. I went home feeling so broken and questioning my abilities. I wanted to calm myself down so I started to meditate and right away I felt Jesus’ presence next to me, as he proceeded to explain that he also had to endure many different circumstances in life due to his gifts and abilities. Many times he would have to retreat to the mountains to get away from everyone. He also told me once he died he understood there is life after death and your spirit lives on for eternity. When Jesus died his spirit came to let his Disciples know there is life after death.

So to answer your question, it is NOT against God or evil for me to connect or receive messages from spirit or your loved ones.

I can’t believe it myself but yes SPIRIT is real!!!

about susana armentia
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