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All  Individual/Readings-Healings & Classes, will be provided in-person and remotely via Zoom, Facebook Messenger-Facetime-WhatsApp or by phone. These services are free to download and the quality of sessions are the same as in person. Please Stay Safe & Healthy!

I would really appreciate anyone who has received any of my services , to leave a positive review on this page and google. Many of my clients are by referral and google reviews, if you could take a few seconds to leave one,  I would kindly appreciate it!!! 

Blessings of Light & Love, Susana





Soul is the part of us that goes on without our body, even though it is held by our body now. Soul is the energy to follow our passions, that connects to a higher purpose. Soul is a mind that is clear of complaint, doubt and worry. It is able to make clear choices moment to moment without thinking about it.
The soul can be FREE or it can be imprisoned by the EGO. Spiritual Healing helps us free our soul.
Our Soul can also leave the body during times of stress and trauma. This is what we call soul loss.


A soul retrieval is a powerful spiritual practice that heals soul loss. Soul loss can occur whenever we have trauma in our life. For example, we may experience soul loss if we are in an accident, undergo a serious operation or if we suddenly lose a close friend or family member, Illness or an emotional and physical disease, sadness and anger will also cause for your soul to leave. Your soul does not like to suffer or experience any type of abuse or distressful pain. Extended body pain from any accidents, surgeries will also cause soul disconnect.

Soul loss can occur at any age, and a soul retrieval can be done whenever a person is ready for transformation. Soul loss can also begin in your mother’s womb.


Price may vary depending on severity of situation and needed number of sessions.  



mother mary mirror healing

Several years ago during a meditation Mother Mary appeared and told me in order to heal from my past childhood trauma I would need to do a Mirror Healing session. I had never done one or heard of it. But to be honest with you, just knowing I had to look at myself in a mirror did not thrill me at all, just because I did not like me or looking into one. Mother Mary was very persistent and assured me this would change my entire life for the better. I completely have Faith and Trust in Mother Mary, so I did the healing. I placed a mirror in front of me and then she started guiding me, through my healing. I was able to see many past lives that I had lived and suffered as well let go of all the negative from them and my present life childhood trauma. Before the session she explained to me she would guide me through the entire healing, and that it would be a very efficient, safe and intense session. Mirror Healing will definitely help you heal anything that you carry within past lives or present life.

PLEASE NOTE: Mother Mary Mirror Healing is a separate cost from a Reiki Intuitive Session. Mirror Healing will be charged according to time required for the session. If you are required to have both sessions at same time you will be charged two separate fees for both sessions.


More sessions may be required due to severity of situation.



Susana truly believes we all have lived many lives, and she has been doing this type of healing work since 2008. Past Life healings have helped Susana to not only self-heal herself but others. It has helped her to understand how each life we live connects with our present one. Even though our body is a vessel, our spirit continues to live an eternity of lives. Susana connects intuitively as she receives guidance and assistance from her guides with vivid and accurate details. Most of the time we don’t realize why we feel stuck or as many have said to me feel unlucky. She will help you with releasing any hurt or trauma that is connected to you at this present moment. Once you heal you will no longer feel stuck or unlucky and can move forward with peace, love and light in your life.

All Healing packages must be used on a weekly basis.

30 minutes $120 /  packages are available, more sessions may be required due to severity of your situation. 




Healing circle with Angel of Hope

This Healing Circle is to help you learn how to self-heal and detach from past or present situations you may be experiencing. I will teach you how to connect and relax your mind, body and spirit. The Healing Circle will be held on different days and times. In order to join this circle you must have a completed Reiki Levels I & II.

What You Will Learn:

Meditation-Chakra System-Shield & Protection-Past Life Healing-Clear-Balance & Ground-White Light Energy Healing-Mother Earth Connection & Healing

30 minutes $45